University Partners


FSD partners with universities and affiliated student groups to offer three unique programs:

The design of these programs is based on our work in the field with undergraduate and graduate students since 1995. We’ve learned the capacities and limitations of working with students and engineered programs that fit their needs and the needs of our partner communities to achieve sustainable development.

When students are supported by an appropriate amount of structure and guidance, they can add significant value to their host community and achieve greater learning outcomes. Their work may also empower them to pursue a vocation in social change. These are our goals - to produce well-trained, engaged global citizens, committed to social change.

What Sets FSD Apart?

1. Working year-round at our 10 sites builds strong relationships with our host families and other community partners, making our programs safe, culturally immersive, and developmentally impactful.

2. Our programs are structured and supportive, with ongoing educational and cultural activities, logistical advice, and round-the-clock safety and security support provided by our dedicated site team staff.

3. We offer rigorous participatory development, community engagement, cultural integration and project management training that participants apply in the field.

4. We are as much (if not more) concerned about community outcomes as participant learning outcomes.

5. Our program frameworks, values, and partnerships reflect our community outcome priorities; this deepens the participant experience through critical reflection on issues of power, privilege, social identity, and the role of international development.

6. FSD is an international development organization that provides opportunities for graduate, undergraduate, and gap year students to engage in real community development work rather than a typical study abroad or drop-in service project program.

Intern Abroad, Group Engage, and Global Service Trips supply varying levels of structure, creative opportunity, and responsibility to students. By partnering with FSD, your university can supply development opportunities for undergrads and graduate students that are structured to ensure community impact and rewarding cultural and professional experience.

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